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Even if you’ve never played the world famous casino game Blackjack before, you’ve probably seen it featured in movies, read about it in books, or at least know the now iconic phrase; hit me. It’s a fast paced, exhilarating game, and has the alluring quality of being easy to understand, but very difficult to master.

If you’ve never played before, we’ll run through the rules here so that you can get right into the action, and start playing immediately. Keep in mind that at our aim is to not only help you understand how to play, but also to guide you to the sites that offer the best online entertainment experience around. Let’s get started!

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Basics for Newcomers

Each round starts with 4 cards being dealt, 2 to you, and 2 to the dealer. The value of the 2 cards is added up, and a total declared.

A face card and Ace will add up to 21 – or Blackjack, keeping in mind that the Ace can count as 1 or 11 depending on what you need in your hand. If you are dealt this hand, it’s the best that can be hoped for, and an almost guaranteed win. But if the total of the cards is not so favourable, what then?

Clicking or tapping Hit will get another card dealt, and the value added to the existing total. If that total exceeds 21, you are bust and lose. If you are satisfied with the hand, you Stand as this will end your turn, and the dealer will take their turn.

The dealer must attempt to get a higher value hand than you, also without exceeding 21. If this is managed, you lose. So essentially, the game is a case of you versus the house, not necessarily taking risks and chasing after the best possible hand.

Advanced Options

There are a number of versions of Blackjack available, depending on the online casino, and what it offers. But the basic rules are always applicable, which are as follows;

Hit: As mentioned above, a hit will ask for another card, which will increase the current total.

Double Down: If confident, you can ask for a card, and double the current betting amount.

Split: If a hand is dealt that has 2 cards of the same value, these 2 cards can be split into 2separate hands. The second hand will be required to have the same betting amount placed on it as the initial hand.

Stand: Also as mentioned above, standing is the act of declaring a total as satisfactory, and passing over to the dealer.

Advanced Strategy Guides

We said that Blackjack is a game about beating the house, and not about getting the best possible hand. This is true, and an important fact to keep in mind. During the start of the round, the dealer is also dealt a hand, with 1 card face up, and the other face down. This is done specifically to give an idea about what hand must be beaten.

When making decisions on whether to hit or stand, knowing that the hand to beat may be better or worse helps manage risk. If the face up card is a King, this indicates that a better hand should be pursued. If it’s a low card, then less risk taking is necessary.

There are many guides available that will help with advanced Blackjack strategies. Consider looking into them, and when ready to play, head over to our reviews section and find a casino that suits your preferences. From standard Blackjack games t those played against Live Dealers, they are all ready and waiting for you.

At we want you to win big, and we’ll help you out very step of the way!

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