Win Life Changing Payouts With Progressive Slots

‘Maybe I should go to Vegas – I might be lucky, and hit the jackpot.’ If you have not said those words, you have probably heard them spoken – and you also may know that, thanks to the best online progressive slots, those winnings are not limited to Sin City.

The life-altering payouts popularly associated with the Strip and other world-famous gambling destinations are paid out by games with jackpots that get bigger while being played. This means the prize money can climb to astronomical heights. The talents of the best software providers have seen the category become one of the most popular at the online casino Canada brands recommended by Here’s what you need to know.

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About the Games

Almost 100 years after Charles Fey first started tinkering with his first reel-based gaming machine, the Liberty Bell, International Game Technology created the first of the world’s progressive slots. MegaBucks was launched in Las Vegas in March 1986; the main attraction being a guaranteed million-dollar jackpot that grew bigger with every bet placed.

The game was installed in many casinos, and telephone lines and modems connected all the machines. Players had to wait for almost 1 year before MegaBucks paid out the big win, which happened when a player won more than US$4.9 million on 1 February 1987. For a few years, you would have needed travel to a gaming venue to play such slots, but that changed in the mid-1990s. Since then, Microgaming, Playtech, and other providers have ensured you have an incredible collection of online progressive titles from which to choose. 

How the Jackpots Work

Whether linked to a specific title or to a casino or provider network, the jackpots offered by Canada’s top progressive slots all start as amounts known as a seed or minimum jackpot. That amount is never paid out, because even if it were won by the first player’s first spin, they would still have placed a bet.

The games at the licensed and secure progressive slot casinos we recommend for Canadians are structured in a way that a portion of every real-money bet played in a title will feed the big prize. Many of the titles are being played by numerous players simultaneously, which means the win amount shown in the ticker on the screen above the reels of any of those games increases constantly.

Winning at Progressive Slot Casinos

You will need to place the maximum bet if you want to be eligible to win the big one when playing most titles in the category at Canada’s best progressive slot casinos online. In many games, you will need to trigger a special round featuring a jackpot wheel that you will need to spin to try win a potential record-breaking payout.

Some of the titles we recommend will pay out their coveted winnings when the right symbol combination lands, and others can do it randomly. If you spin the reels with smaller bets, you can still enjoy exciting chances to win generous payouts and to trigger video slot-style bonus features.

Lucrative Special Features

Online progressive action offers you more than chances of winning a payout that could get you that much closer to realising your dreams. It also lets you enjoy a rollicking good time at your convenience.

The gaming experience you have when spinning progressive slots reels to win can include multipliers that produce bigger payouts, and Scatters that can land anywhere and pay or trigger Free Spins. You also might land Wilds that substitute, or trigger mini-games that offer coin wins and more.

Feel the power of the very best games in the genre. Play them at online casino Canada brands you can trust and see if you can land a life changing win.

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