All About Online Slots

Why do tens of thousands of Canadians log on to online casinos to play slots? Because they’re a whole heap of fun, of course, and because it’s never been easier to play casino games from the comfort of your own home. Dozens of gambling sites offer hundreds of exciting titles to choose from, and they’re all accessible via smartphone, desktop computer, or even a tablet.

Read on to learn more about the variety of online slots offered, and get a better idea of how they work. Or, you can head over to our reviews section, where we let you know which sites offer the best selections of games, and get started playing and winning. Don’t forget that at it’s our mission to help you find your way to the best sites available.


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Classic And Retro Slots

Slots have a long, interesting history. When they were first invented, they were mechanical devices, working via extremely complicated cog and lever systems. Some even still refer to these original games as mechanical wonders, and it’s little wonder why.

Slots had only 3 reels back then, but this was due mostly to technical limitations. Today. 5 reels is the standard, which provides more variety, and a wider range of winning options. But some people still like the 3 reel design from the old days, which is why retro and classic versions are still available. Retro style titles generally stick to the basics, without the bells, whistles, fancy graphics and special bonuses that came later.

Take a look at our reviews, and find a site that offers some retro style action, if that’s what you’re looking for. Many of the original titles have even been preserved and turned digital, so you can get a look at reel spinners from decades ago.

Video Slots

Of course, you can also just head straight to the latest and greatest games, created for an era where high definition is standard, and dazzling special effects make the world go round. Video slots, as they are referred to, are the best that the digital world has to offer, and are marvels of software design.

With astonishing graphics, and immersive soundtracks, these reel spinners are as good as it gets, and available to play on mobile devices. Created by such legendary developers as Microgaming, you can lose yourself in these games for hours, and win money while doing so.

We let you know if Microgaming or other top developers power the entertainment at the online casinos we review, so you know if the software offered is the best of the best.

Big Wins With Progressive Jackpots

Good graphics are nice, but maybe you play online slots for one reason, and one reason only; winning big. Progressive jackpots are the life changing sums of money you can only dream about, often ranging in the tens of millions. If land one of these jackpots, you’ll be handing in our resignation at work, and settling in for a life of luxury.

Yes, progressive jackpot games are available at casinos online, and can be played anywhere, anytime. There are many to choose from, coming in a variety of designs, with each range having it’s own linked jackpot system. As players spin the reels, the jackpot amount gets ever bigger, ensuring that if you strike it lucky, it’s the sort of cash that will blow your hair back.

Start Spinning, Start Winning

As we’ve already said, there are many locations that offer quality slots, and we aim to help you find the best selection, at the most generous websites. We put a great deal of effort into our reviews, so that you don’t have to comb the Internet, looking for the best options. Just head over, browse our reviews, and jump onto the site with the entertainment options and deals you want. Good luck, happy spinning, and we hope you land a jackpot!

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