Casino Glossary for Canadian Players

Learn how to speak like a pro when next you’re having some fun with online casino games at one of the Canadian sites you’ll find recommended right here! Our Casino Glossary explains all the terms and phrases you need to get a handle on, so have a look at the expressions that have crept in to the lexicon.


The chance to make a decision or take your turn. Fast-paced, combative fare is said to have a lot of action

American Wheel

A Roulette wheel featuring both the 0 pocket and the 00.


A popular card game played against the dealer. The goal is to get the highest score, 9, while keeping away from the lower numbers.

Backdoor Draw

A hand in Texas Hold’em that requires 2 additional cards from the River and the Turn to make up a winning combination.

Column Bet

A Roulette bet that has you betting one 1 of the 3 columns of 12 numbers. It pays out 2:1.

Come Bet

A Craps wager that wins on a 7 or an 11, but forfeits on a 2, a 3, or a 12.

Deuces Wild Poker

A Video Poker title where the 2s are always wild.

Don’t Pass Bet

A Craps bet during your Come Out Roll that will win on a 2 or a 3, but lose on a 7 or an 11.

Early Surrender

A chance to get out of a Blackjack hand for less money before the dealer checks their other card.


An organisation based in the United Kingdom that keeps online casinos under observation. It then awards them with Seals of Approval after close investigations have ensured that their operations are above-board. The company was originally set up by Microgaming.

Face Cards

The Jack, Queen, and King cards. Each of these shows a face in the majority of standard decks of cards, unlike, for example, the Ace.

Hard hand

A Blackjack hand that does not include an Ace. It can thus only have 1 value.


Slang in Craps for a 5, a 6, an 8, and a 9.


A big payout at a slots machine, often the biggest that can be won.


A game similar to Bingo. You will choose between 10 and 15 numbers, and then win money if the right combinations of these come up in the draw. It uses a board like Bingo does, but it also closely resembles the lottery.

Late Surrender

A Surrender in 21 that lets you avoid losing your bet in its entirety later on in the game. It is only possible when the dealer is not holding a Blackjack.

Max Bet

The most that you can bet at a slots or Video Poker machine.


2 cards that total 21 in Blackjack.

Pay Line

A slots terms that refers to a line where icons need to line up in order for you to win anything.


The sections that revolve in a slots game, which were originally actual barrels. Now they are digital representations of these.


The first card which is dealt to the dealer in a Blackjack game, which faces up, and is thus visible to you.


The frequency of prizes, and their size. High Volatility means prizes are paid out less frequently, but are bigger. Low Volatility means smaller prizes are paid out more often.

Now you’ll never need to ask for help from Customer Care because you don’t know what words mean again! Our Casino Glossary explains all of the most tricky terms you need to know, and you’ll watch the increase in your confidence reflect in your returns, guaranteed.

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