If you have a question, or have run into a problem, you’re in the right place. Take a look at the most common casino and sports betting questions we get, and find quick solutions. We’ll conquer that issue, and have you back in the action as quickly as we can!

Casino Bonus? What Is That?

You probably get suspicious when it seems like someone is offering you free money, right? Don’t worry, we all do. Casino bonuses are simply a way for online casinos to offer intensives and prizes to players. The bonus will only be valid on the website that offered it, and can’t be withdrawn until wager requirements have been met.

Internet Gambling Is Legal, Right?

It certainly is. The online gambling industry is regulated, and fully legal. In Canada there are strict laws governing online gambling sites and we only recommend those that adhere to them.

How Do I Deposit And Withdraw?

Each website we review and recommend has it’s own section for depositing and withdrawing cash. It’s quick, easy, and absolutely secure. Check out our banking page fir more information on the available payment methods.

What Is Instant Play?

Instant play simply allows for casino games to be played without having to download them. A speedy Internet connection is best if you choose this option.

Which Casino Should I Use?

It’s a tough, sometimes confusing choice, we know. Take a look at our reviews, and our casino guide section. You’ll get detailed information there.

Do I win Real Money?

Of course! Any winnings you make at an online casino is real money, no catch, no strings attached. You can withdraw your winnings at any time.

I’d Rather Play For Free.

You can play for free as well. All your favourite games, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Slots games, can be played without having to spend money. Just select the free play option.

A Progressive Jackpot? What’s That?

Those life changing slot game jackpots you hear about, those are progressive jackpots. They are slots games with jackpots that grow over time. As the reels are spun and wagers are made, more is added to the jackpot. Payouts may occur for a certain combination, or at random. These jackpots can also occur in any other game, but re most commonly found in slots.

Aren’t Online Casinos Unsafe?

The encryption used at gambling websites is cutting edge and incredibly sophisticated. Your details are safeguarded and should not be compromised. SSL encryption technology is utilised.

I Heard Slots Are Rigged.

That is one of those old wives tales. Online slots use random number generators, which are 100% unbiased and fair. Also, rigging games is against the law. It’s as simple as that.

Which Games Can I Play Online?

All of them! Even some new variations of classic games.

Which Game Should I Try First?

If you’re new to online gambling games, a fun slot game is a great place to start. You could also take a look at our guides for popular games, if you want to learn more.

Can I Play On My Phone?

Absolutely. Virtually all gambling sites run perfectly on all mobile devices.

RTP? What’s That?

RTP stands for Return to Player. It’s the theoretical amount that an operator and games pays back to players, over time. Some slot games have an RTP as high as 94%.

Can You Explain Gambler's Fallacy?

This is the untrue belief that the current result of a game will in some way alter future outcomes. For example, if I win now, I will lose on the next round. This isn’t true, how could it be? Each round has the exact same statistical chance of being a win or a loss.

My Withdrawal Isn’t Working. Help!

Websites make deposits and withdrawals as easy and convenient as possible, but problems can still arise. You’ll have to contact the customer support of that particular gaming site. Don’t worry, it’ll be sorted out quickly.

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