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Welcome to the only resource you will ever need to make the most of the fantastic opportunities to bet money on top teams and events available to Canadians! The team is passionate about all things wagering-related, and our sports betting guides are where we share what we have gained through years of experience.

What’s more, we left no stone unturned in our quest to find the best odds, the finest online bookmakers, the most up-to-date information about local and international events, the latest news, and reliable strategies. Use our reviews, recommendations, and helpful hints to see the action you enjoy go from strength to strength.

All the Odds Info You Need

When it comes down to it, odds are one of punters’ biggest concerns. Many punters will only place a specific bet they had in mind if the numbers are good.

We explain how prices work, and we detail the differences between the American, decimal, fractional, and Hong Kong odds. You can find out how to work out how much of a profit your choice could make, and where to find the best prices and markets covering the sport you love online.

Get to Know Different Bets

The best Canadian bookmakers offer a huge variety of wagering options. Discover what they entail with our helpful sports betting guides.

You are probably familiar with straight win bets, placed on a competitor, team, or horse to come out tops. However, you can also place props bets such as wagering on the first goal-scorer, as well as point spread, combination, multiple, and others. We explain how all these, as well as others, work, and share tips for putting your money on live as well as future events.

Learn Betting Strategies

Many punters have tried and trusted strategies they use when gambling on certain markets. What works for football may not work for rugby, and what works for basketball probably won’t work for ice hockey.

Finding ones that can be used with success has not always been easy, as it has often involved a huge amount of trial and error. Our Canadian sports betting guides change that. We explain how various strategies work, examine their pros and cons, and even suggest alternatives where necessary, so you can get on with enjoying the action.

Keep Up with International Events

Every year brings with it major events that attract the world’s attention. Find out about each event before it happens with us.

We have got everything you need to know about the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, the US Open, Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Tour de France, and other iconic tournaments and competitions. Find out who is participating, what the weather, track, and field conditions are, how you can bet on them, and which sites are running special offers that are not-to-be-missed.

The Latest News

The sporting fraternity is a fast-moving one, both on the field and off. This means there is no shortage of exciting news to share with you.

In addition to bringing you news about what your favourite teams and athletes are getting up to, we also publish reports on games and seasons, as well as stories about sport and technology, gambling legislation and politics, and the wagering industry.

Enjoy Quality Betting

Why settle for second-rate action when you do not need to? Enjoy the top-quality thrills you deserve with our sports betting guides.

Rest assured, every brand we recommend is licensed and legal, uses data encryption to protect punters’ details, and is powered by the best software providers for maximum functionality on computer and mobile devices.

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