A Sports Glossary for Canadian Punters

Your initial foray into the world of online wagers may be somewhat overwhelming. There are many turns of phrase you’ll need to master, as understanding these can hugely affect how you enjoy your games! Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the different idioms and expressions with our Sports Glossary, and you will find you feel more comfortable almost at once. Plus, you will sound like a seasoned gambler, no matter what you actual level of experience may be!

Across the Board

Wagering on a horse to Win, Place, and Show.

Arbitrage Bets

A technique wherein a punter places a bet on each possible outcome with different bookmakers. By benefiting from the different odds from one sportsbook to the next, the staker tries to generate a profit no matter what the game results eventually are.


Also referred to as a bookie, or a sportsbook, this is the individual or company accepting bets on a particular event.

Canadian Line

Sometimes used in Hockey games, this wager is a combination of the Money Line and the Point Spread.


Gambling shorthand for CA$100.

Even Money

A bet that does not include odds or Vigorish.

Fifty Cents

An alternative way of referring to CA$50.

First Half Bet

A stake that only applies to the first half of the sporting event in question.


Another way of saying CA$50.


Also known as the Vigorish, this is the commission that bookmakers earn for accepting wagers.


The maximum that can be staked on a single game before the sportsbook alters the points or odds.

Money Line

A wager wherein no Point Spread is involved. A +150 side is an underdog that pays CA$150 on a bet of CA$100. Conversely, a -150 team is the favourite, and will require a wager of CA$150 in order to win CA$100.


Some punters refer to CA$500 this way.


The person who has created the betting lines the bookmaker is using.

Parlay Bets

Wagers on 2 or more teams. If the first bet wins, then that money is put towards the stake that follows. In order to collect from a Parlay, all the picks must be correct. As difficult as these wagers are, the payouts they provide are excellent.

Point Spread Bets

Stakes in which the favourite side has had their final score lessened, and the underdog gets theirs increased. The adjusted final score of the team determines whether the punter will win or lose.

Reduced Juice Bets

When sportsbooks offer a lower commission fee on bets. This is occasionally offset by worse odds on 1 of the teams, most often the favourite.


An experienced, knowledgeable gambler who doesn't fall prey to careless errors, and goes on to earn a reasonable income from betting on sports.

Teaser Bets

Stakes on 2 or more teams wherein the line for each has been adjusted to favour the punter. In order to find success with a teaser, you will need to get all of your choices right.


Also referred to as the Cut, the Take, the Vig, or the Juice, this refers to the fee a sportsbook has put in place for accepting bets.

Try to focus on the Sports Glossary terms related to wagering and odds first. These are some of the most commonly used, and will ensure that you can keep your wits about you when you sign up and start betting at one of the online bookmakers that welcome the Canadian dollar that you will find rated and recommended here. Once you have mastered these, you can move on to the more colourful, unusual terms. Have fun!

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