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Live Dreamcatcher is the latest of Evolution Gaming’s live casino games, and it has already created quite a stir among the iGaming community. This thrilling title offers something totally different to all who play it, while also being very simple, quick, and profitable to enjoy at a top casino like JackpotCity.

Evolution Gaming is the world’s leading live dealer software developer today, and lately, the studio has been branching out into all-new territories with a slew of creative new titles. Dreamcatcher is one of them, boasting game show-style play, cash wins, multipliers, and social fun thanks to the addition of fully trained dealers.

Dreamcatcher Feature

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How the Money Wheel Works

 A real dealer, who is actually more like a game show host is in charge of the action, and uses a wheel of fortune that was designed especially for Evolution Gaming. Not many online casino games are played using a giant, customized money wheel, but this one is! The wheel in question is marked with a variety of different colors and numbers, and your job will be to place real money bets on numbers corresponding with a certain color.

Aside from the money wheel’s various coloured slots, this title also offers two different sets of multipliers – 2x and 7x – to keep things even more interesting. The way these two win multipliers work will be explained below, along with the kinds of wins you can expect from one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live casino games!

Unique Winning Potential

Live Dreamcatcher does not work quite like any other game on the market, but luckily, its payout system is actually very easy to understand. Each round will start with placing your wagers, and during play, you can bet on all the numbers available on the wheel: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The higher the number, the less likely it is to appear on the money wheel, but higher numbers also offer the biggest, juiciest wins, making them well worth your consideration.

In terms of winning, Live Dreamcatcher’s win schedule works as follows. If you were to wager $5 on the slot numbered ‘2’ and you win, you would win 2 x $5 = $10. If you were to bet $1 on ‘40’ and the wheel lands on your lucky number, you would win 40 x $1 = $40. Pretty simple!

During betting rounds, you can also place money on multiple numbers, effectively spreading your chances of winning. Once everyone has wagered, the host will spin the money wheel to determine everyone’s outcomes, and if it lands on your selected numbers, your winnings will automatically be added to your account.

Score Up to 14x Multipliers

In terms of online casino games, this is a unique one by any standard, and that uniqueness is only amplified by the addition of multipliers. While playing Live Dreamcatcher, you will notice the two multiplier slots on the money wheel. Whenever the wheel lands on one of these slots, it will multiply the payout of the next number accordingly, giving you the chance to supersize your wins in just a few spins.

If the money wheel happens to land on a multiplier twice in a row, the multiplier value will also stack while bets remain in place. This means that you could stand to win as much as 14x your original prize without any extra bets!

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