MONOPOLY Live Casino Games Review

Evolution Gaming are the undisputed leaders in live casino games. Their software features state of the art HD video streaming, multi-camera action and superior betting features. They also offer more entertainment options than any other supplier online. The brand has now taken another step into the technological future with the release of MONOPOLY Live, a new Money Wheel game with an interactive augmented reality bonus round.  




A Board Game Brought To Life

MONOPOLY Live was created in partnership with Hasbro, the creator of the iconic board game. If you have played your way around the board before, you will instantly recognise the classic colouring, and Mr. Monopoly, who is a key feature in this updated version. The casino game is actually a Money Wheel variant similar to Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher, with many of the same betting options. The biggest difference is the addition of an augmented reality function, which incorporates an innovative bonus feature.

Real Time Winning Action

If you have played Dream Catcher at a live casino, you will be familiar with how this type of game works. The action is streamed in real time from a studio, and the set features a Money Wheel; a large, colourful physical wheel that is operated by a game show host “live dealer”. The set is also augmented with a digital creation of the Monopoly world, with Mr. Monopoly ready to dish out any bonus features.

Easy Online Play

MONOPOLY Live may look complicated, but is very simple to play. The aim is simply to predict which segment the wheel will stop on, after the host has spun it. The wheel is divided up into multiple segments containing the numbers 1,2,5 and 10, and each corresponds to a payout. There are a few bonus wedges displayed. Betting on the number 1 will yield a payout of 1:1, while betting on 5 will yield a payout of 5:1 and so on. There is also a “Chance” wedge, and if the pointer lands on this wedge, you’ll be presented with a Chance card. The card may contain a cash prize, or a multiplier for your next spin.

Innovative 3D Bonus Round

MONOPOLY Live has one extra bonus feature in the form of the 3D Bonus Round. On the wheel you will see wedges labelled 2 rolls and 4 rolls. When you bet on this feature, there is a chance the pointer will stop on your wedge. If this happens, the bonus is triggered and Mr. Monopoly will spring into action, taking you on a tour of a virtual board.

The distance he travels on the board is determined by how many rolls of dice you get, and what you roll. If you bet on 2 rolls, you get to roll twice, if you bet on 4 rolls, you get to roll 4 times. The further down board he goes, the more prizes and cash you stand to win!

This is a live casino game with a difference and it’s one that you need to try at LeoVegas if you’re looking for something fresh, fun and very rewarding!

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