Live Casino Blackjack

If you are looking for a thrilling online game with all the intensity and realism of a land-based casino, then Live Casino Blackjack is the perfect choice. Based on the classic card game, the live dealer version of Blackjack offers a more intimate and immersive experience where you compete directly against a real dealer, on a real table, with real cards. It’s just like being in a brick and mortar establishment, except you can play at a live casino on your desktop computer, or on your mobile device while out and about. It’s convenient, it’s exciting and it’s a good as the real thing - or even better!

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The Live Dealer Setup

If you are familiar with conventional online casino Canada games, you should have no issues adapting to live casino Blackjack. The system uses real time video streaming to connect you to a dealer in a professional, purpose built-studio or gaming floor. The video feed is connected to multiple cameras, giving you a full view of the table, the cards and the dealer.

The video feed works in one direction only, so no one is watching you! The software also includes a chat feature where you can type messages to players at the table, and to the dealer. The other players can reply in text, and the dealer can respond by speaking directly to you on camera.

Getting Started With 21

As is the case with land-based Blackjack games, the live dealer version can only accommodate a limited number of players per table. This differs, depending on the software supplier but in most cases, up to seven players can join a table at any one time.

Most suppliers will have multiple tables too, with different limits for those on a budget, and High Rollers. Some software operators like Evolution Gaming also offer a Bet Behind feature where you can actually bet on the players already seated at the table while you wait to join the action. This means there are more chances to wager, and more opportunities to win.

Once a seat opens up, you can join the table and start betting at the start of the new round. To place your bet, simply click on the virtual chips on the screen and place them on the highlighted area that is superimposed over the studio table.

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Blackjack Game Rules and Side Bets

Playing at a live casino is no different to the experience you would have at a real casino. While there are different variants available, the general rules always remain the same. At the start of each round, the dealer will deal each player at the table 2 cards facing up, and himself or herself 2 cards with 1 facing down, the other facing up.

The aim, as usual, is to beat the dealer’s hand by creating a point score of 21 points or as close to 21 without going Bust. Going around the table, players then get a chance to Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down on their hand. In some versions, there is an option to place an optional side bet such as the Perfect Pairs wager. This can be placed at the start of the round, and does not affect your main Blackjack game. With this bet, you are paid out if you are dealt a matching pair of cards in the first deal.

Live Casino Blackjack Payouts

Once everyone at the table has played their hand, either Busting out or Standing with their remaining cards, the dealer will reveal his or her down-facing card. With live casino Blackjack, if your hand wins you are paid out even money on your total bet amount. If you win the hand with Blackjack (Ace and 10 value card) you are paid out 3:2 on your bet amount. 

An excellent option for anyone who enjoys an authentic gambling experience, you can get in on the action at JackpotCity, an online casino Canada we are proud to recommend!

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