Sports Events for CA Punters doesn't just cover your real money casino game needs, we look to your wagering requirements too! As part of our many services, you can look to our comprehensive Sports Event section, and keep tabs on what is happening, where it is going down, and when to mark your calendar. Check out the games as they get announced, discover the details on what is happening in terms of those already in progress, and get the first news on winners and losers when they come to an end. We also give details on happenings with enough notice for you to get your wagers in place in good time.

Numerous NHL Hockey markets, options for staking on CFL Football games, and NBA Basketball game odds are available with the click of your mouse or the swipe of your finger. Bookmark our Sports Event page and make sure you’re always on top of breaking news.

A Range of Bet Options, Hints, and Tips

The beauty of betting is that, no matter how experienced you may be, there is always something new to learn. Find out about Money Lines, Point Spreads, Over/Unders and more. If you use these already, discover other interesting ways to stake on your favourite athletic events. If you have no idea where to begin, make sure you check our Guides and Glossary as you’re getting started, and you’ll soon be knee-deep in as much action as you can handle! We don’t just cover Sports Events, we tell you how to win when you’ve got money riding on one of them as well.

Top Happenings for Canadian Punters

Part of our mission is to ensure that you never miss out on any of the fantastic matchups happening around the world at any given point. The information you will be viewing on the Stanley Cup, NBA Playoffs and Finals, and the Tim Hortons Brier, to name a few, will be updated constantly, and viewable across all your devices to boot. We cater for punters who have time to view our data on their PCs, and the busy Canuck who is always on the go as well.

We don’t just cover Canadian Sports Events, either, and you can look forward to details on big tournaments like Wimbledon, the FIFA World Cups, and more. Whatever you need, we’ve got it, guaranteed, and you will be making money hand over fist before you can say life-changing win.

Reliable Data 100% of the Time

The reason we are as good at what we do as we are, is that we wager as well, so we know what punters are looking for. You can look forward to not only deepening your understanding of online gambling as a whole, but also getting to grips with brand-new bets, sports you’ve never heard of, and staking strategies that really work.

Preparation is key when it comes to staking on the athletes and Sports Event outcomes that we do, and that is why we have a dedicated team who makes sure that the data we are providing to our readers is totally accurate. Thanks to the latest headlines on the players, the referees, the match-ups, and more, you can confidently expect to be placing your wagers with the most up-to-date information available anywhere.

Enjoy real-time prices from the best bookmakers in Canada, and we cover almost every sport under the sun… Or on the snow! The best offers and Free Bets are detailed as well, and we will tell you about both Welcome Bets and ongoing promotions for returning punters. We even help you spot the winner thanks to expert Sports Event tips and insights, so make sure you’re in the front-row seat with from here on out.

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