Online Ice Hockey Betting

In Canada, Ice Hockey is more of a way of life than just sport or entertainment. Along with Baseball and Football, Ice Hockey attracts thousands of fans to the stadium for each match, while millions of viewers tune in to the action to watch the drama unfold. It is not surprising then that online Ice Hockey betting is one of the largest wagering markets in Canada. By going online, anyone can bet on local and overseas games with a click of the mouse, or tap of the screen.

NHL Betting

While the top sportsbooks offer plenty of Ice Hockey betting action on overseas leagues and matches, the majority of local bets are placed on the NHL. For those who are new to the sport, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the largest and most distinguished Ice Hockey League in the World. While it was founded in Canada, the league currently consists of 31 teams, 24 of which are based in the US, and just 7 in Canada. Hockey online sports betting requires learning all about the NHL.

The NHL is split into two main conferences, namely the East and the West. These conferences are then split up again into two divisions to make up a total of four. The NHL season kicks off in October each year and runs to June with all teams playing matches at home and away. At the conclusion of the regular season, the top teams in each division compete in the playoffs for a spot in the finals and a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

Popular Markets

With sports betting in Canada, there are plenty of different bets that can be placed on the NHL or any Ice Hockey match. Wagering can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. Outright betting is one of the more popular options and can be done on all leagues and International tournaments. This simply involves predicting which team will win the season or tournament outright. Other tournament bets can include predicting the division winners and the conference winners. Some sites also offer wagers where you predict the conference or division the winning team will emerge from.

During the regular and post season, Ice Hockey betting enthusiasts can place bets can be placed on each individual game. It is not uncommon to find at least 40 match and prop markets on a single event. The puck line bet is the easiest to place, which is where you simply predict which team will win the particular matchup. If two teams are unevenly matched, sportsbooks will offer handicap markets where the weaker team is given a virtual point advantage. Over/under bets are also popular where the bookmakers post a total that is the combined score of both teams in the match. Punters must then place wager on if the actual total is above or below the score posted.

Prop Bets

For seasoned hockey experts who know a lot more about Ice Hockey betting, bookmakers offer a full range of prop bets based on individual statistics of the game. Some of the more popular markets include predicting the first goal scorer, the total winning margin, if a player will score a hat-trick, the double chance market, both teams to score, 3 or more, draw no bet, and the last goal scorer.

Before rushing into any bet, always do your research and find out if any of the teams have injuries, changes to coaching staff, a busy travel schedule and where the match is being played. That way, you’ll make better predictions when you enjoy sports betting in Canada!

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